Advanced Call Center

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Call center software for your PC


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Advanced Call Center is software for answering phone calls, complete and easy to use for your voice modem.

It comes with all the necessary capabilities: the caller ID allows you to see and listen to who is calling you through onscreen notifications and personalized ring tones. It even notifies you by voice who the caller is using a voice synthesis program that will tell you their name and/or their telephone number. In addition, it allows you to record phone calls.

Through the ‘white’ list and the ‘black’ list you can filter incoming calls according to the caller’s information—by the origin of the call and other parameters. You can play personalized messages for the callers, organize information into an address book, and record the conversations.

The advanced functions include search notifications, sending message and call details by email, and an external fax program when it detects an incoming fax call.

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